Door Kit | Double-Wide

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Door Kit | Double-Wide

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Door Kit | Double-Wide

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Double Door Kit - Protects 7’w x 8’h opening

Stormtec Door protection Kit

A storm presents several serious threats to your home or business. Gale force winds, wind-driven debris, rising water levels, and the most subtle, wind-driven rain. As you plan to protect your home or business against these forces of nature don’t forget the StormTec Door Protection Kit. 

Each StormTec Door Protection Kit is a simple and easy to use tool to help you defend your property from the damages of wind-driven rain. The StormTec Door Protection Kit comes in four sizes ‘Single Door’, ‘Double Door’, ‘Single Garage Door’, and “Double Garage Door’. Each kit contains everything you will need, a ‘sized to fit’ 4 mil construction grade plastic sheet, a roll of heavy duty duct tape, a cutter for customizing the fit to your opening, enough high-tech flood protection StormTec StormBags for the size of the opening you are trying to protect, and an instructional DVD. The only thing you might need is a ladder. 

So as you plan for your next emergency include The StormTec Door Protection Kit and protect your home or business from the effects of wind-driven rain.


  • 10 StormTec StormBags
  • 10’x10’ 4 mil plastic sheet
  • 1 roll duct tape
  • 1 box cutter
  • Instructional DVD