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  • Stores Flat (Less than 1/4")
Residential Flood Protection and Cleanup
  • No Sand Needed
  • Fills Itself in 5 Minutes
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Commercial Property Preservation
  • Soak up water that has already penetrated.
  • Build a Barrier To Protect Against Flooding
Works 2 Ways
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Why Is It Better?

The Stormbag is a rapid water absorption polymer bag that eliminates the need to stockpile sand and does away with the heavy equipment and personnel required to fill and deploy traditional sandbags. 

When an emergency strikes, timing is everything. StormBags are a quick, easy and cost effective product in an emergency situation because with the StormBag “ALL YOU DO IS ADD WATER.”

How It Works

For instant protection as an on-site barrier, simply submerge the StormBag in fresh water; the bag will expand from 16 oz. to 30 lbs. in 3 to 5 minutes. Once hydrated stack the stormbags in an overlapping pyramid as you would with traditional sandbags.

To soak up standing fresh water in basements, elevator shafts or any other location, drop a dry stormbag into the water, as the stormbag hydrates it will soak up nearly 5 gallons of water.  Once hydrated simply remove and dispose of the environmentally safe storm bags.

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