Katadyn Vario Water Filtration System

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The Vario combines individual efficiency with the simplest possible handling. The technology used consists of three filter levels: a high-performance glass fiber filter, a ceramic pre-filter that can be adjusted individually according to the cloudiness of the water, and active charcoal for eliminating odors. Anyone who needs up to two liters of drinking water per minute can use the glass fiber and active charcoal filter. If the water is extremely cloudy, the ceramic pre-filter can be fitted in a moment in order to extend the service life of the glass fiber filter. The Vario is compatible with most standard outdoor bottles and hydration bladders. 

Capacity (gal)
~ 530 (glassfiber) ~ 106 (carbon)

Capacity (L)
~ 2'000 (glassfiber) ~ 400 (carbon)

Dimensions (cm)
19 x 10

Dimensions (in)
7.5 x 4.0

Output (gal)
up to 2 quart/min

Output (L)
up to 2 L/min

AntiClog Technology with 0.3 micron glassfiber (no cleaning needed) Activated carbon granulate Ceramic pre-filter

Weight (grams)

Weight (oz)

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